Women Rowing North

I found this book to be very engaging and appealing. Much of it is obvious, but reminders are important as one ages or finds oneself  in a different life situation.  It’s not a self help but a reflective journey.

Some of my favorite sentences….

“ we may forget details but we excel at retrieving stories“

“ we can see the relationships between things that happened fiftyyears ago in the ways we react today“

“ helping someone die is an honor and responsibility. It changes us“

“ Joy is my best tribute to his memory“

“ This is how life becomes sacred. It is hallowed by story”

“As we age, we tend to improve our gratitude skills”

“we need to slow people down to the speed of wisdom”

“People are not forgotten. Rather their lives are like a flowered cloth that slowly fades. The pattern of their life remains on all the people they affected”