Winter Garden

Well I finally finished this book, this audio. I really enjoyed the ending of it and it certainly was worth the wait. This is the story of two sisters who are trying very hard to understand their seemingly disapproving mother. The truth is that they don’t understand their mother or know her story. She came from Leningrad in the period of 1941 through 1945. I did not know anything of the siege of Leningrad which was responsible for the loss of more than 1 million lives. Truly a genocide. I love a book that takes you in a totally different area and becomes a learning experience. This book did just that.

We travel with these two sisters and their mother to Alaska and to get the mother to tell her story.

At first, I was rather bored with the book but once I gave it my full attention and plenty of time, I learned that I really liked it. I recommend this book