When the Stars Go Dark

I just finished When the Stars go Dark and, at first, I was disappointed.  But the more I thought about the book, the more I appreciate imaged it.  Knowing Paula Mac!ean’s other move,s, I expected more like The Paris Wife.  This is a total departure from that.  The main character Anna, a police investigator, returns to Northern California town of Mendocino, where she spent relatively happy youthful years.  She is escaping San Francisco and near tragedy with her husband and family.  In Mendocino, she reconnects with childhood friends and strong memories.  Anna, in many ways, mirrors some of the author’s own upbringing.  Anna sees a poster regarding a missing teen.  What ensues is the search for Cameron and other young girls.  Loyalty, trust, child abuse, family disillusionment....all interplay here.

Beautifully written, but not an easy read.