What You Wish For

A lot happened in this book. Actually, way too much was happening. That being said, the hook for me was that it was about a school librarian, Samantha, who had relocated to Galveston Island from her previous school. In her prior life, the principal was a dynamic fun loving teacher and leader. Duncan Carpenter could be found wearing polka dot ties, striped socks,  and blowing bubbles out in the playground.  Something changed!  Suddenly Duncan appears at Samantha’s new school and is determined to change that school.  Why?

This book is about finding joy, happiness and courage. The characters learn to face the things they are afraid of and find joy in everyday life.  

In many ways a light read that deals with serious contemporary issues.  I “fast read” the many "too descriptive" sections, so that I could find out what was happening……

This book was a nice change of pace.