West With Giraffes

I just finished reading West With Giraffes…feverishly reading it so I would have it done for book club.  What an astounding book.  It was such a pleasure to read a happy tale with no disfunctionality, just life.  This is the true story of two giraffes who arrived in the United States from Africa.  Miraculously, they survived a harrowing voyage during the great hurricane of 1938.  Boy and Girl (their names then) had been purchased by real person Belle Benchley, curator of the San Diego Zoo.  The task of getting them from New York to San Diego fell on Riley Jones and Woodrow Wilson Nichol, followed in the green packard by Augusta Red.  Absolutely memorable characters.  

The group made their way west in 1938, viewing sights from the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl.  They witnessed racism at its worst.  And they soldiered on.  What adventures as they finally arrived.  

This is a story filled with love, friendship, honesty and perseverance. The book is a treasure!