We Begin at the End

This was an engrossing crime novel with lots of twists and turns.  I thought that the characters were well developed and believable.  There is sadness and despair in this story, but it kept me listening and reading till the very end.

It is the story of Duchess and Robin Radler, both children of Star Radley.  Duchness is 13 and old before her time because she is bringing up her beloved brother and taking care of her much loved, but needy, mother.  Walk is the police chief who grew up in the California coastal town with Star, Vincent, Dickie, Milton, Martha and a host of other characters.  The death of Star’s sister, Sissy, throws the small town into turmoil and Vincent goes to prison for thirty years for the crime.  Enter the present time and Vincent is to be released.  He returns and this is where the story gets good….very involved.

I really enjoyed reading and listening to this book and I would recommend it.