We Are Not Like Them

from The Washington Post…a review

"The heartbreak of the prologue was all too familiar: an unarmed Black teen, shot dead by a White police officer. And that is only the beginning of this emotional literary roller coaster.

In this novel, Pride, who is Black, and Piazza, who is White, tell the story of two lifelong friends. Riley is an ambitious journalist who is focused on only one thing: getting that coveted promotion to the anchor chair. Jen is settling in as the wife of a police officer and preparing for her life as a new mom. Though their lives have taken different paths, the two women — Riley is Black and Jen is White — have remained as close as sisters, woven into the fabric of the other’s life. But when Jen’s husband, Kevin, is involved in a police shooting of an unarmed Black teen, more than their friendship is challenged. As Riley covers the high-profile story for her TV station (and sees this as a career-advancing opportunity), the two friends have to assess who they are to each other. They look back and question their own histories, ask some tough questions — and make some harsh judgments.

This is a book that left me with lots of questions about myself and how I grew up.  I realize, like Jenny, I have never really had a talk about racism.  The novel, though conclusion was arrived at, still left me wondering.https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/books/we-are-not-like-them-continues-an-important-conversation-we-shouldnt-look-away/2021/11/01/403194cc-3735-11ec-9bc4-86107e7b0ab1_story.html