Visionary Women

Are you a nurturer or an exploiter?  It has taken me a few weeks but I have finally finished reading Visionary Women by Andrea Barnet.  What a terrific, informative and educational book.  I have so many sections highlighted and noted in the book that I cannot address all the noteworthy sections.  These four women shaped so much of our lives today. They were unafraid to do battle with the powers that be, in hopes of protecting, preserving and improving our way of life for generations to come.

This is an exceptional read and it made me re-evaluate all that I hold dear.  Below is an excerpt from the book....

“Jane Jacobs’s arguments were predicated on the premise that cities were wondrous entities, capable of enriching lives. Rachel Carson celebrated the beauty and mysteries of the natural world, even as she warned darkly of the threats to its viability. Jane Goodall’s hypnotic storytelling brought the world of primates to life, providing a rationale for why these creatures merited consideration. Alice Waters’s love of food and friends and the bounty of the earth inspired as it educated. In each case, these women gave readers a reason to care.”

Excerpt FromVisionary WomenAndrea Barnet
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