The Yellow House

Books about Ireland have always held a special interest for me. This book was no exception. This story takes place in Northern Ireland, circa 1905. Our main character, Eileen ONeil is a warrior. As a child, she watches her father paint their much loved home a brilliant yellow in the shadow of a beautiful mountain. She loves the spot with her whole heart. She is Catholic and lives amidst the protestants who are very much in control of the area. Owen Sheridan, a protestant landowner, becomes a special friend to her even though he should not be one. This sets the stage for what will happen in the future.  She watches her dear Da killed, her mother go slowly catatonic and watches the yellow house destroyed. 

She is forced to go to work in the mill and becomes involved in the Irish question and the Irish rebellion. The story continues with many incidents, all of which are integral to the novel.  Eileen eventually marries one of the leaders of the rebellion but things are not as good as she wanted them to be.  Her husband is handsome and in love with Eileen, but he loves the cause more.  Eileen is torn with between her Catholic faith and her loyalty to her husband.  And Owen Sheridan is still in her heart and she works at denying that.

I enjoyed the story very much and the epilogue gives a very read-able history of Ireland.