The Winners

The Winners by Frederick Bachman is a masterpiece!!!!!  The third book in the series …..and every book conveys such messages.  It is almost breathtaking.  I must quote from the author:

“But all our stories have really only been about one thing: ever since the very first, about a boy who made it all the way from here to the NHL and came back with his family, about his daughter, who found the best friend in the world, about a terrible crime and love that was like organ donation.  About tears and struggle, about hugs and laughter, about a stage and a guitar and thousands of people in the audience. About a boy who was born in a place that had never seen ice but who one day could move faster on skates than anyone else, about other children who became the best in other ways, about the boy who became a coach and the ones who became parents and the girl who flies helicopters to save the whole world.  About a young man who could never see himself as a hero but who died like one, who ran toward fire to save a child.About families and friends.  About climbing trees and adventures.  About a vast forest and two small towns and all the people here who are just trying to live their lives.  Sit in a boat.  Tell lies.  Catch zero fish.

The Bear, the bear from Beartown”

The writing is fabulous and the audio even more so…...