The Winemaker’s Wife

The Winemaker's Wife is a book that I struggled to get through. I absolutely did not like the main character, Ines.  Married to Michel, the owner of the champagne vineyard, she was naive, selfish and thoughtless.  I really was so annoyed with her.  Maybe that is a sign of good writing when the author can make you feel very strongly about a character.   The story has a dual time setting...1942 France and 2004 New York.  Ines and Michel, Celine and Theo are in France at the champagne villas.  World War 2 and the French resistance.  Love, friendship, trust and treachery are happening here.  In the 2004 section, Liv is struggling with the aftermath of her divorce and gets scooped up by her wealthy grandmother and taken to Reims and the champagne region of France.  Memories and secrecy abound.

Through all of this, I continued to dislike Ines.  It was not until 80% of the way through the book that I became glued to the book.

Read it......the end is worth it.  

PS.....I also learned a lot about the champagne industry and that was wonderfully fun!