The Trust

What a story.  I loved it.  Quite the mystery, told by the author of Once We Were Brothers.  The setting is Northern Ireland.  Anything to do with Ireland is almost a winner with. me.  Our main character is Liam Taggert who currently lives in Chicago with his wife Cat and their little boy Ben.  He is a private investigator and he answers the phone one day, only to hear his cousin Janie’s voice asking him to come home and help them.  His Uncle Fergus, who Liam is estranged from, but who he loves dearly is at the heart of this matter.

This story is full of intrigue, colorful characters, and deception.  I really enjoyed it and only toward the end did I suspect “who done it”.  

I loved learning of Belfast too.  The author has a new book coming out and I wont miss it!  

Thanks to my good reading buddy Dick for suggesting this title!