The Things We Cannot Say

This is a wonderful story of undying love, courage and perseverance.  Beautifully written and beautifully narrated, the story begins in Europe in 1942 amidst the horror of the holocaust.  Alina, who we learn becomes Hannah, is the main character along with Tomas, the love of her life.

Jump to current times, we see Alina as an elderly woman who wants to share her memories and one final urgent request.  Having suffered a stroke, she is unable to communicate except with the use of a device.  She makes her wishes known.  However, she loves her grand daughter, Alice.  She makes her wishes clear to Alice who is juggling her own life with a engineer husband, gifted 10 year old and a non verbal autistic son.  Quite the challenge. 

How this all works together in a seamless way to unlock the mysteries and heartaches of the past is riveting.  

"Not only is this novel about undying love, but it also offers up tragic details about World War II. Though fiction, these horrors did occur and should never be disregarded. An intense story of survival, hardship, and heartbreak, The Things We Cannot Say is sure to evoke emotion in even the most cynical reader.”NYTimes Reviewer