The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane

I thoroughly enjoyed this book but I thought it ended too quickly.  This is a powerful story about two women separated by oceans and circumstances.  In a remote village in China, LiYan harvests tea and ancient traditions amidst her family.  A stranger appears with an automobile and the villagers have never seen such a thing.  Modern life begins to enter their world.  LiYan begins to wonder, gets an education, has a child out of wedlock.  The little girl, eventually to be known as Haley, is adopted and lives a privileged life in California.  Haley questions her roots.  When she was found at the orphanage in China, she was wrapped in a blanket and a tea cake was inserted in her wrapping.  This cake may prove to be a clue to her beginnings.

Both women search for answers.  This book is fabulous with wonderful and meaningful descriptions of ancient traditions and tea making.  

A pleasure to listen to….audio was superb!  The story was slow to get into and ended too abruptly, but other than that….wonderful.  

I even went to TeaVana and bought some Po’or tea!!!