The Story of Arthur Truluv

This is a book that I did not want to end, but I could not put it down… I finished it in two days.  I loved it, being the sentimental soul that I am.  This is the story of the unlikely friendship of three people, two very old and one, only 18.  They have each lost something special but they come together to become a family…..showing the true meaning of kindness, friendship, love and wisdom.  

Maddie meets Arthur at the cemetery where he goes every day to have lunch with his beloved Nola.  Maddie learns what true love is through this remarkable character.  She nicknames him Truluv.  And the story goes on from there and I guarantee that you will not be able to put it down.

The section quoted below comes from a book review and it perfectly sums up the feelings that I had when I read this book.  

“I …….opened Elizabeth Berg’s new book, “The Story of Arthur Truluv,” on a rainy 40-degree November Saturday. The week had been as grim as the weather, beset with ongoing sexual harassment revelations, endless “breaking news” alarms and the continuous anxiety that has characterized 2017. As I started the book, my mood was dreary. That didn’t last long.

I have no idea whether Berg, who lives in Oak Park, set out to write a near-perfect escape from these anxious times, but she did. “The Story of Arthur Truluv” is sweet and light and completely free of politics. It’s about love, hope and second chances. Miraculously, Berg’s slim story — it runs just over 200 pages — manages to settle into these themes without being sugary or cliche.” quoted from the Chicago Tribune

We should all have an Arthur Truluv is our lives!!!!