The Stationery Shop

This is a powerful and beautiful love story.  Set in 1953 in Tehran, moving onto San Francisco area in 1970’s  and ending in current times in Massachusetts, we become aquainted with Roya and Bahman, two Iranian teenagers, early on, much in love.  Family traditions and long buried secrets play a role in their story. The beloved Mr. Fakhri, the store owner is instrumental in passing notes between the young lovers.   Set amidst the 1953 coup in Tehran, Roya is set to meet Bahram in the square and run off to the marriage office.  Something happens, tragically, and the meeting never happens.  Anger, sadness and hopelessness mar the lives of our main characters.  Jump ahead 80 years and the story of Roya, Bahman, Walter, Zari, Badri , Shahla  and Marigold will continue and bring tears to your eyes.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and learned a bit about Iran, customs, traditions and history.  The author spoke at the Newburyport Literary Festival, virtually, and I attended her presentation in May 2020.   It was excellent as is this book.  Her descriptions of the characters are “spot on” and the Persian cooking scenes made me hungry…spices and rices…oh my!!!