The Stars are Fire

I really enjoyed this book while I was vacationing in Maine.  It was kind of fun to be residing in the same area where much of the novel was set.  The horrible fires of 1947 in Maine, from Bar Harbor to Wells, were devastating.  Historically accurate, the author provided clear insights into the lives of the people of that time.

Our story focuses on Grace, who is existing in a loveless marriage.  When her husband goes missing while fighting the fires, Grace must find a way to save herself and her children.  She finds courage and strength and begins to build a new life from the nothingness that the fire left behind.  

At times throughout this story, I found myself shouting to Grace to “do something, anything…”. She finally does and the story comes to a somewhat surprising ending……a little bit of predictability and some happiness.

The author, Anita Shreve, has written many books.  This, being her last.  I did not realize that she had died until I started to read this book.  I had heard her speak at a bookstore years ago and I also knew that she had taught at Reading High School for a short time.  I felt a connection to her.  And, of course, her books are set in New England, specifically Maine.  She will be missed.

A good read