The President is Missing

This was our audio selection as we made our journey from New England to Florida.  It was engaging and a rather frightening story, but well told.  One could feel the impact of presidential input into the story’s development.  Bill Clinton and James Patterson were excellent authors.  The story deals with lots of worries and concerns of governments around the world in light of terrorism, be it physical, violent or cyber.  The story was a bit too real.  I do believe that it may actually become a movie.  

This is not a book I would normally choose to read or listen to.  But, traveling with my husband, I tried to find a book that would interest both of us.  It certainly did that.

As I said earlier, we listened to this story and we both did not care for the voices.  They almost seemed to be “screaming” rather than just reading a story.

Anyway……the story entertained us on our long ride home.