The Only Woman in the Room

Hedy Lamarr is known as an incredibly beatiful woman who starred in many movies in Hollywood, alongside Spenser Tracey and many other famous people.  This story gives us the background into this fascinating woman.  She was a Jewish-born Viennese who fled the Nazis and her pro-fascist wealthy husband, who owned ammunition factories that supplied the Nazis.  Many times, Hedy was “in the room” with some of these notorious Nazis overhearing their ideas and plans.  She finally makes her escape to the United States and into the world of Hollywood.  She wants to find a way to give the allies a military leg up in the form of a jam-proof, radio guided torpedo system. She partners with George Antheil and together they come up with a patented scientific device.  However, the US does not want to take it seriously.  She begins to wonder if she is just a pretty face???  What is her worth?

This story gives us insidghts into this fascinating woman.