The Nesting Dolls

This is a beautifully written novel which takes you through the lives of three generations of Russian Jewish women.  They are forced to navigate in an ever changing climate from Odessa in the Ukraine to Siberia to Brighton Beach in New York.  The audio was done with wonderful voices.  I thoroughly got caught up in the lives of these women and the choices they were forced to make to survive.  The author gives an accurate and important portrayal of what life was like under Communism. 

Daria and Edward.  Julia and Jerome.  Natasha and Boria.  Zoe and Gideon.  These are just some of the characters.  We follow their lives from the Gulag in 1930’s up to the 1970’s in the United States.

I had to do a little thinking about the title of this book and I came to the conclusion that nesting dolls fit into each other, as do the characters in this novel.  Nesting dolls tie into the Russian theme as well.  I kind of liked that! ! Each woman’s life was built on what had come before.  Generational wisdom too!

I learned alot as I listened to this novel and I recommend you give it a try.