The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Meriweather Post

Marjorie Meriweather Post was a socialite, business woman, and philanthropist.  She came from humble beginnings in Battle Creek, Michigan and rose to fame and fortune owning numerous homes, including Mar A Lago.  Her father being sickly learned that healthy good food for people was the way to go…..thus began the Post Cereal and Postum dynasty…. and fortune.  She used her enormous wealth for many good causes from hospitals to soup kitchens.  She traveled the world and spent much time in Russia where she amassed many Russian treasures.  Marjorie Meriweather Post had everything that money could buy…..three lovely daughters and four husbands.  However, she was not fortunate in marriage.

I enjoyed this book as it took me through many historical periods in our country….depression, World War II, Cold War, the sixties.  I enjoyed reading about her homes and her generosity.  I was amazed at her incredible collection of jewels and treasures.  It was a bit overwhelming.  She certainly used her wealth in so many innumerable ways, but she certainly lived incredibly well herself and it was certainly documented in this fictionalized version of her life.