The Love Proof

I just finished listening to a book by Madeleine Henry. It is called The Love Proof. I loved every minute of listening to it. It is set primarily on the Yale campus when  two undergraduates meet and fall in love, truly. One is a brilliant prodigy whose career in physics is unchallengeable. Her name is Sophie.   The other is Jake who has the brains and initiative for a brilliant career in business. They find each other....maybe forever.

The years continue. One is asked to question how you value love, how you value dreams and achievements??  The key to love is eternal.

Our two main characters love unconditionally but find different ways of expressing it in their every day lives. When Jake tells Sophie that he loves her, she simply replies “I know”.  The ending of the book is very similar to that last sentence. This book is worth every minute you spend listening or reading it.

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