This is an enchanting story.  Little did I know of carousels or the intricately carved animals that encompass delightful rides on the “flying horses”.  Nor did I know of the famous French carousel sculptor, Gustave Bayol.  It is fascinating.  Around these facts, Juliet Blackwell wove a story that describes an artist lost to history and a family who buried many secrets.  

The story jumps back and forth between San Francisco, France (present day and 1940’s). Our main character is Cady and her search for herself and her acceptance of life’s challenges makes for good reading.  She has a mysterious little carved animal which she discovers has a picture and a message inside.  What does that message mean?  Who is the pretty woman from a bygone time? And Cady finally gets to the chateaux and who is the old man and why is he so grumpy???? 

This book reminded me of being in Paris…..lovely descriptions.

Read this book to find out all the answers.  It is worth your effort!c