The Last Thing He told Me

I will admit it… this book is a page turner.  The main character Hannah is married to Owen. He disappears without a word. However he leaves her a note that simply says “Protect her”.   He is asking Hannah to take care of his daughter Bailey. Set in Sausalito in the midst of high-tech industry, something has happened that causes him to disappear. People start appearing at Hannah‘s door and she’s unsure of who she can trust.

The only guiding light to her is Owens note.   

This is not a long book  but I think you will enjoy it.  One could certainly discuss the book with the “what if question” that my book club often asks about books we are discussing. That being said, I was very surprised when the book ended. I understand the resolution and why it ended the way it did but I have to admit I was disappointed in the ending.

The book is being made into a movie for Apple TV and maybe they’ll make a different ending