The Last BookShop in London

I just finished reading The Last Bookshop in London.  It is the story of Grace who lived in the countryside and who always wanted to live in the city with its excitement and fast pace. She does indeed come to London, but everything is different than she expected. The story is set in the city amidst the German bombing during World War II. Grace has to find a job and ends up working in a small and dusty book shop that is owned by a crusty old gentleman, Mr. Evans.   With the advent of many characters and poignant moments, Grace comes to transform the bookstore and the lives of many people. She does her part for the war effort and makes an important contribution to the lives of the people around her.  

I cannot say that this was an extraordinary book nor can I say that it was unique and light.  It was simply engaging and I just enjoyed reading and listening to it.  The characters did come alive to me and once I finished the book, I rather missed  Grace.   These depicted years were ones that  I never lived through, but could only experience by hearing the words of another.  This book succeeded in giving me that experience.