The Indigo Girl

How does one grow indigo???

The year is 1739 and Eliza Lucas at 16, is left in charge of her family’s three plantation, as her father returns to England to chase his military ambitions.  She, with her mother and younger sister, are left in rural South Carolina with the plantations going further and further into debt.  Her spirit and determination to raise indigo plants is one of the compelling parts of this story.  With meticulous research, the author has painted a vivid picture of life on these Carolina plantations.  Eliza was a bright compassionate woman who cared about her slaves and the rights of all humans. She had many obstacles to overcome, including the mere fact that she was a woman.  With the help of Charles Pinckney and loyal friends, Eliza perseveres with her ambitious goals for the plantations.

 This book tells Eliza's story and the afterword tells of the historical accuracy and contributions of the Pinckney family to South Carolina and to the young United States.