The Heart’s Invisible Furies

This is a book that I did not want to end. How often does that happen?  Occasionally.   I listened to it and I read it. It is a long novel that spans decades and continents. It starts off in Ireland, goes to Amsterdam,  goes to New York and ultimately back to Ireland. It is the story of Cyril Avery, Mrs. Coggin, Julian, Bastian and many other remarkable and unforgettable characters.  The story opens with a 16 year old girl being cast out of her parish in Ireland as a whore because she is pregnant and unmarried. She makes her way in the world with amazing strength, courage and determination.  Her child is given up for adoption but his story is told throughout the whole novel. The author, in precise and beautiful language with humor thrown in, clearly makes us understand the role of Catholicism in Ireland and the hold it has over its people.  Love, and all of its forms, is clearly depicted. The agony that the characters go through is tangible as we  read about the way in which people dealt with homosexuality in the forties, fifties and up to the present day.   

 What is love, what is loyalty, what is family, what is tradition. All of these concepts are expressed in this novel.

I really loved this book and I honestly did not want it to end. But end it did and I hope to read more by this author.