The Guest List

A few years ago, I visited the Aran islands off the west coast of Ireland. It was amazing, isolated and it felt like I was stepping back in time. So when this book came out with the setting on this island, I was anxious to read it.   What a disappointment. Though the story was engaging and deemed as a thriller and a “who done it” , the characters were not likable or believable. The wedding is set on the island with wind, rain, gales and darkness.....and murder???  All the beautiful people and many of the people from the groom’s school days were invited. They all had different stories to tell.  Between survival scenes from private school days to sexual innuendoes, this novel has way too much going on and nothing I wanted to know about.

Told through six  viewpoints of the main characters, that format was interesting. I did the audio of this novel and that was well done.

This book is quite popular...just not my cup of tea!