The Godmothers

This book was certainly entertaining.  I did not think I was going to enjoy it, but I did.  It was such a different read for me.  A member of our social book club in Florida suggested it, so I gave it a try.  Basically, it is the story of four very different women and how they adapt to becoming the wives in a well to do Italian family of dubious profession.   The women  are Filomena, Lucy, Amie and Petrina.  They all have their differences and the story brings them together as family.  They even become “godmothers” to each others children.  The novel chronicles their lives and the ups and downs of family challenges and relationships.  Below is a description of each of the main characters.  The author makes you feel as if you know these women and their husbands and children.  Set in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s, between Greenwich Village and Long Island, one gets a real feel for the times and ordeals that these women went through.  “Family is everything”……an easy read that will hold your interest and let you escape!!!

"Meet the Godmothers: Filomena is a clever, resourceful war refugee with a childhood secret, who comes to America to wed Mario, the family's favored son. Amie, a beautiful and dreamy French girl from upstate New York, escapes an abusive husband and falls in love with Johnny, the oldest of the brothers. Lucy, a tough-as-nails Irish nurse who ran away from a strict girls' home, marries Frankie, the sensuous middle son. And the glamorous Petrina, the family’s only daughter, graduates with honors from Barnard College despite a past trauma that nearly caused a family scandal.”author’s web page