The Giver of Stars

Set in depression era America, five remarkable women come together to meet many challenges.  In the mountains of Kentucky, an initiative of Eleanor Roosevelt to bring books to the people, our main characters travel as a rural librarians to enlighten, refresh and brighten the lives of isolated people. But there is much more of a story.  Alice arrives in Kentucky, a blushing bride from England married to Mr. Van Cleave.  But life for her is not the dream she had hoped it would be.  Fortunately, she loves books and becomes part of the pack librarians, giving meaning and purpose to her life.

“The Giver of Stars” is a celebration of love, but also of reading, of knowledge, of female friendship, of the beauty of our most rural corners and our  enduring American grit: the kind of true grit that can be found in the hills of Kentucky and on the pages of this inspiring book.”Karen Tanabe, Reviewer