The Girl From Berlin

This book was very enjoyable.  Though I have read about the Holocaust, this book added more to my knowledge of those horrific times.  I would call this book a historical fictionalized mystery.  Very cleverly written and the character development is terrific.  I felt that I knew Ada and her Mom and Dad.  I could almost hear Ada playing the violin.  The structure of this novel, having been done in a similar way, by the author in his other books, is quite interesting.  This author wrote the well received and highly recommended book, Once We Were Brothers.  

Liam Taggert and his wife are called to Italy to assist an elderly woman whose home is going to be taken away from her, unfairly.  Gabby is this woman and she gives Cathryn and Liam a document to read that tells the story of her life and the necessity of her keeping the villa.  It is a beautiful, yet heartbreaking, story, written by Ada.

I highly recommend this book