The Female Persuasion

This is a very solid and powerfully written novel about women and their role in society, a society that does not always treat them fairly.  The author nails this book.  Through four central characters, we are asked to look at how women navigate their lives around family, friendships, love, ambition, jobs, disappointments and heartaches.  The main character, Greer, comes face to face with some of these issues at her college frat party when she is groped and unsure of what to do.  She does report it and her accusations go unanswered.  She meets an outspoken strong woman at a lecture who helps her to understand how to proceed.  Years later, Greer meets Faith again and follows, in many respects, Faith’s lead.  

This is a novel with strong sentiments and leaves us wondering about the question….”what are we supposed to do”. The novel starts with this, ends with this and shows strength and growth all the way through.