The Exiles

This is a terrific book!  Our story takes place during the era of British colonization.  Convict deportation and the exploitation of distant lands becomes the basis of this story.  Three women from different situations face the depravity of life in the land down under.  Some came by convict ship and experienced horrific conditions.  Prison conditions were clearlhy depicted.  The author did extensive research into this time period and it shows.  Spoiler alert…...Ruby, the daughter of Evangeline, grows into a talented and compassionate woman.  The section about her, at the end of the book, brings closure to all that went before in a beautiful sort of way.

 Much of this story is based on the lives of women who existed in this time period.  

The story is a good one but even more importantly, the novel opened a window into the conditions that people existed in during those times.  The exploitation of native people and the cruelty of the justice system were well described.  

An excellent novel.