The Dutch House

I really enjoyed this book.  The audio version of it was read by Tom Hanks and I just kept listening….it was so good!  His narration is marvelous.  

As for the story, there are so many memorable parts.  Loyalty, compassion, sibling devotion, are all intertwined with these well drawn characters.

When we first meet Maeve and Danny Conroy, brother and sister, they are living in this massive mansion outside of Philadelphia known as the Dutch House.  Their father is a real estate mogul and the mother, who is given the house as a gift, hates the extravagance of the place.  Exit Mom….a pivotal part of this story.  Enter a second wife and her children.  Exit Maeve and Danny fom the Dutch House.  

The review by NPR, which the book cover at the left is linked to, does a very good job describing this story.  You will want to read it!