The Diplomat’s Daughter

This story is set during the turbulent time of  late 1930 and 1940’s in Europe.  Emi is Japanese and the privileged and educated daughter of the ambassador.  She lives in a variety of places as children of diplomat’s often do.  Through the incidents of that time, she and her mother end up in an internment camp in Texas.  She learns of another type of life and finds this imprisonmnet very troubling.  While at the camp, she meets Christian who helps her through these difficult days.  Christian is German.  Prior to all this, Emi had lived in Vienna and fallen in love with Jewish Leo.  Amidst all of this and Emi’s eventual deportation back to Japan, we see how this young girl is feisty and determined to make the best of what is happening.

Emi’s story is based, in part, on the real life experiences of the author’s father who, at the age of three, experienced the bombing of Tokyo.

I found this story very interesting and entertaining.  I like the juxtapositioning of the characters and the honest portrayal of the horrors of the Nazis.

Recommended…..very much so!