The Diamond Eye

The Diamond Eye by Kate Quinn is a winner.  The story is primarily set in Russia and the Ukraine during World War II.  Mila is a young girl who married a doctor but there was no love in the marriage.  Mila wanted to study and become a historian.  She had an exceptional gift……she could shoot accurately.  Hitler’s forces were coming into Mila’s homeland and she wanted to be a part of what stopped Hitler.  She trained as a sharpshooter and went on to kill more than 300 of the enemy.  Her story is a true one; her two partners became her lifelong companions and lovers.  She became renowned and even traveled to the US where she met and accompanied Eleanor Roosevelt around the country in hopes of gaining US support for the Russian cause.  She met with and admired FDR as well.

I found this to be a mesmerizing story.  In our current time, we hear and see of the suffering of the Ukrainian people.   It is hard not to think of that in the midst of this book.

I think you will enjoy it