The Dearly Beloved

The Dearly Beloved is a novel of marriages, family, church, community and children.  It focuses on four adults....Charles and Lily, James and Nan.  Though very different personalities, these four people become interwoven.  James and Charles are co ministers of the Presbyterian Church.  Their presentations are different as are their personalities, but between the two of them, we see the parish grow and prosper.  We watch their individual families  grow and we witness the sadnesses and conflicts that come with life. We meet and grow with their very different wives, who don't like each other.  

The novel does have a strong sense of God and spirituality and the author clearly shows how the four main characters deal with their beliefs and even question their belief in a god.  Life throws curve balls at all of us and it was reassuring to see how these four good people found a way to make it all work. This novel left me wondering and feeling good about the concerns we all face in daily life.  I really enjoyed how spirituality was such an important aspect of the novel.

I like this book and I particularly liked reading about Lily.  I enjoyed how she came to accept things and her strong belief in her children.  

Not my favorite book ever, but I did enjoy it