The Daughter’s Tale

The Daughter's Tale is a mesmerizing novel of immense terror, betrayal, love and perseverance. Set during World War II in Germany, our main character has a happy life with her physician husband and her two lovely daughters. They are Jewish. You know where this story is going the moment I wrote that sentence. However, there are twists and turns in the story and it contains much historical data. One of the daughters is evacuated to Cuba to an uncle and the other daughter, in many respects literally fights for her life in Germany and France.  She eventually ends up in France which is besieged by the Nazis. She essentially has to change who she is and becomes someone else in order to survive. As an old woman living in the United States, her story is told through her, as well as by letters that the physician‘s wife had sent to her daughter in Cuba. The story is pieced together.

We have read many of these kinds of stories but each time there is a little twist that makes it somewhat different. This book is no exception. The lives that these persecuted people lived during the Nazi atrocities is something that we should never be able to forget about. Nor should we forget about the resistance workers and the kind and compassionate people who risked their lives to help others