The Book Woman’s Daughter

I enjoyed this book the more I got into it.  It started off slow, but I grew to really like and learn from it.  The setting is in the 1930’s in poorer areas of Kentucky and Appalachia.  The inhabitants have very little or no access to books.  The Pack Librarians make an impact here by delivering books to these folks every week or so, by arriving on horseback or mule.  Our main character does just this.  She is following in her mother’s footsteps.  Additionally, the daughter, Honey Lovett is one of the “blue people” and they are discriminated by most everyone.  I had never heard of this disorder and learned that it is a blood deficiency and it is hereditary. Honey’s parents have been imprisoned for their illegal marriage leaving Honey at 16 to fend for herself.  With the help of some kind people, she does just that.  A heartwarming story.

More importantly, this book lends itself to thinking about many issues in our world today…..discrimination, women’s rights, and ignorance.