The Billionaire’s Vinegar

This non fiction novel tells the story of the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold.  It is the true story of a 1787 Lafite Chateaux Bordeaux supposedly owned by Thomas Jefferson.  It sold for 156K at auction by Michael Broadbent at Christie’s to a member of the Forbes family.  This wine was discovered by Harvey Rodenstock but he never divulged where he found them….assumedly in France. There are many eccentric and well known characters who came in contact with this wine.  Is it real, is it a fake?  There lies the question.

I found this book fascinating and the research that I did afterwards made it even more interesting.  I learned so much about the world of wine….or the underworld of wine….haha!

This book was not a normal choice for me, but it was the choice of our non fiction book club at Monarch.  I never would have picked this book up and I am glad that I did!  It is a long read with lots and lots of detail…..beware!