The Beekeeper of Aleppo

This fictional story is stunning.  The story begins in Syria, goes to Istanbul, then to Greece and on to the UK.  It is the story of two refugees trying to escape the years long war in their home country of Syria.    Their journey is told through dreams, horrors and daily experiences…. and these are eye opening.  It is of current times.  Guri and Afra are married and their son Sammy has been killed in the bombings.  Afra has lost her sight.  The physical and emotional scars are felt by the listener.  I listened to this book, as you can tell.  Outstanding narration, by the way.  It is painful and beautiful and it wanders back and forth through memories and their current escape.  I was mesmerized and it gave me a new perspective when hearing immigration tales.

Guri had been a beekeeper in Aleppo with his cousin Mustafa.  The descriptions of the land and their occupation are beautiful.  Mustafa, having suffered his own losses, has made the journey to the UK and is starting anew with bees.  He is waiting for Guri and Afra.  How this beautiful couple get to the UK (if they do), is breathtaking.

This book won the Aspen Words Book Award and I am not surprised!