The Beantown Girls

The story starts in Boston and ends in France.  The characters, fictional, are Fiona, Viv, and  Dottie.  They become known as the girls from Boston or the Beantown Girls or most accurately, The Clubmobile Girls.

Based on fact and research, there were women who volunteered for the Red Cross and served on the front lines during World War 2.  They brought donuts, coffee and a taste of home to thousands and thousands of soldiers.

This is an engaging novel of fiction based on the events of that time in history.  I had never heard of the Clubmobile women and their service to the war effort.  This story, by a Boston author,gives us a glimpse of what it was like. Told in a charming manner, we feel the experiences of these women. The author made each fictional character real and we shared their loves and losses.  The compassion exhibited  by these members of the Greatest Generation was wonderful to read.