Taste Like War

South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Washington State, Princeton 1940’s and 2006…..such are the settings and time of this haunting memoir by Grace Cho.  The author is the daughter of a Korean mother and American father.  They settled in Washington state.  The author describes her mother as being in three stages….loving mother, schizophrenic middle mother and then aged woman.  It is difficult to listen to but very meaningful.  Grace grew up knowing that food and the perfect preparation of it in the Korean way was equivalent to love.  Grace’s Mom was most concerned that her daughter get a good education.  As the years go on, Grace does get that education and comes to write her dissertation on mental illness.  Her mother was almost the catalyst for this.  In her research, Grace learns of her mother’s early beginning, the torturous occupation by Japan of Korea and the loss of much of her family.  In doing this research, Grace finds her beginnings, her middle and her future!!!!

This is a book worth, absolutely, reading or listening to.  There is also an author interview available through local library systems.