Take My Hand

This is a remarkable story that is fictional but based on a real life case against the former US Health Education and Welfare when they failed. to protect thousands of poor Black and mentally challenged girls and women from surgical sterilization without their consent.

Dolen Perkins-Valdez has written a rivetting novel that is a jewel of a book but not an easy one.  Civil Townsend, 23, black daughter of a doctor; she herself is a nurse.  She works at the local clinic in Montgomery, Alabama where she becomes the nurse to two rural black girls, Erika and India, 11 and 13.  What happens to them is the basis of this story.

In exquisite prose, the author brings these events in the 1970’s to life.  The story switches to 2016 so that one can get the full perspective.

This is such an important book and leaves one wondering “Why didnt I know?"