Surviving Savannah

A little maritime history and a beautiful blending of fact and fiction presents us with an intriguing novel.  I like books that flip between present and past days. From the first chapter when Everly Winthrop, a history professor is asked to create a new museum collection based on stories her Papa told her growing up.   The steamship Pulaski and the families that were aboard, including Lily Forsyth pull you in as we read about the steamship disaster and how some people survived and some didn’t.  This really happened.   The research that Ms. Callahan must have done to create the story is very impressive. Flipping back and forth we see the storylines of Everly, who has lost her best friend, and Lily who is fearful of her husband.  

I listened to this novel and I enjoyed it very much.  Some narrators were better than others, but the whole experience is one that I would recommend. Plus, I love Savannah and I could picture the city as I listened.