Stella Bain

Shell shock, WW 1, PTSD, Memory loss, love, revenge are all part of this very intriging story by author Anita Shreve.  The story is set in France during World War 1 as well as in New England, specifically Exeter NH, of which the author was familiar.  A little taste of home for me.  Stella, as we learn to call her, has arrived somehow in London and is cared foer by the good doctor and his wife.  He uses talking therapy to help Stella remember who she is and why she is there.  We find out that our main character has left New England and a hapless marriage and two children.  She volunteers as a nurse and ambulance driver in war torn Europe.

That is the b eginning of the story but there is much much more.  The author meticulously researched the effects of shell shock and memory loss.  Her characters are complex and her language is beautiful.  She paints a clear picture.

All of this being said, I found the book quite slow to get into, but once I was into it, I could barely stop listening to it.  Tjhe reader voice was not one of my favorites but the story got so good that I forgot about the voice.

So, if you think this book is not for you, think again!