Stay With Me

This is a beautiful and sensitive story about a young couple, who love each other. In the early years of their marriage, they find that they cannot conceive a child. It is of such importance in their culture that the wife begins to think that she is pregnant, even though she is not.  The husband's family, knowing that children are of utmost importance, decide to bring a second wife into the family so that there will be children.  Yeyide cannot believe that this is happening and Akin is not in favor of it as well. The years go on, the fake pregnancy is fake. Somehow, miraculously or maybe not so, Yeyide becomes pregnant. Without giving the story away this pregnancy is at the crux of the matter.

I found this story to be very engaging. You could almost feel the pain that this young couple live through and as the years go on, continue to live through.  I think you will find it engaging as well .