Song of a Captive Bird

What a superb book!  I listened to the audio and it was so good that I did not want it to end.  Based on the real life Iranian poet Farugh Farrokhzad, the author does a remarkable job of bringing this brave woman to life.  Farugh was born in Tehran in 1932 and died in a car accident trhere in 1967.  In the intervening years, she yearned to find her voice in a restricted society.  Independent and strong willed, she married a cousin and had a son.  She yearned to write but it was not something that an Iranian woman was allowed to do.  She pays the price for this dream.  Her poetry is lyrical, sensual and amazing.  Her love affairs are touching and sad.  Her life is amazing and she is heralded as one of the most phenomenal Iranian poets of all time.  The reviews that you can find linked from the book cover on the left tell much more of the story.  Videos on YouTube are inspirational.  This book and her life are so good that I am ready to buy a collection of her poems.