Sisters in Law

You’re a woman, what do you know?  Means something else compared to Youre a man, what do you know?

Roe v Wade in  1973

Conservative Republican Sandra Day OConnor is the first female supreme court justices and she served from 1981-2006. A staunch conservative from Arizona, she found her voice on the court and marshalled women’s rights, first amendment, racial cases, abortion and foreign law. 

Liberal Democrat Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born in 1930 and served on the court from 1993-2020. She was a voice for women from the start.  She championed abortion rights, gender discrimination, search and seizure, international law, voting rights, Native Americans, and much. more.  She became an “American cultural icon”

This was a remarkable non fiction book.  I learned so much, though I probably cannot describe all of that here.  These two women certainly made a difference in the American way of life.  They broke the glass ceilings and found a way to work through what was  very much man’s world.  Sandra Day O”Connor played defense; she would not permist the courts to roll the equality ball backward, while Ruth Ginsburg “played offense” and was out to change the world through her advocacy.