Rebecca’s Tale

This novel, written in the style of Daphne du Maurier, truly is Rebecca’s Tale.  Told from the viewpoint of three people, we learn about Rebecca’s childhood and earlier life, pre-Max.  Did Rebecca love Max... did she love anyone?  And what about Mrs. Danvers?  Captain Juliyan, Ellie and Tom tell their versions and their research into the real Rebecca.  I particularly enjoyed the section where the second Mrs. DeWinter makes an appearance.  How interesting to hear of her love and loyalty to Max. She just wanted to make him happy!

The prose in this story was elegant and very much in keeping with the original style.  Preceded by Rebecca, this novel was published in 2001 by British author Sally Beauman.The novel is officially approved by the DuMaurier estate and it is roughly consistent with the 1963 sequel Mrs. DeWinter. It is a treat to read these.

I read Rebecca thirty years ago and just recently re-read it. I just finished Rebecca’s Tale.  I am aobut to start Mrs. DeWinter, which is the second book.

This is a classical treat…..